We Are 100

Blue Planet Foundation

A series of stories profiling individuals contributing to Hawaii’s journey to 100% renewable energy (in post-production).

Project: Articles + Videos

Roles: Producer, Writer, Editor

Weight Of the World

Kiribati | The Climate Reality Project

A documentary profiling a series of climate change activists on the sinking islands of Kiribati

Project: Video

Role: Director


Institute for Human Services

After 15 years on the streets, John found help and a new home. Thanks to the support he received from the community, John was inspired to pass it on and create a better environment for his neighbors.

Project: Video

Role: Director, Videographer, Editor

Beating the Stigma

Bethany Hamilton | The Guardian

A profile on athlete Bethany Hamilton after she had just turned down an ESPY award nomination.

Project: Article

Role: Writer

The Matriarchy

Pu'uhonua o Waianae | The Guardian

A unique encampment of over 200 homeless individuals governed by their fearless leader Twinkle Borge and her eight captains.

Project: Article

Role: Writer


In early 2014, Charli Scott disappeared along the road to Hana, Maui, but when the initial police search revealed nothing, they were forced to retire their search. Desperate for answers, family members put out a call for help, and a handful of individuals with trained search dogs, along with hundreds of other volunteers rose to the occasion to scour the jungle for any trace of the missing woman. The volunteer’s efforts would eventually lead to the discovery of the woman’s remains, along with evidence that would put the killer behind bars for life. Inspired by the need to find answers for family, Maui Search and Rescue was formed. Since then, they’ve helped locate many missing individuals and provided support to families seeking answers. Every month, an organized team of volunteers gathers to practice and train search and rescue dogs for the next critical mission.

Project: Photojournalism

Role: Photographer