Current Inventory

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The following inventory is currently available for immediate purchase at these exclusive prices on a first-come, first-serve basis, and includes delivery within Hawaii, or shipping anywhere within the US. Click on the videos below for a detailed look at each piece. Contact me via email to place an order.


"West Side Love"

16" x 24" on sheer metal with float mount frame.

Printed with a sheer metal finish for a unique tintype-like effect.

(1 available) $200


"When Mountains Cry"

Streams of fresh water cascade down the ridges of the Ko'olau mountains along the H-3. This rare phenomenon occurs only during heavy rainstorms, when heavy rains soak the Ko'olau mountains.

16" x 24" on sheer metal with a semi-gloss finish and float mount frame. (1 available) $200

Metal prints 16" x 24" come with a lightweight floating frame and are ready to hang, as seen in the video (right). 


"Purple Mountain Majesty"

Evening light illuminates the vog draped outlines of the Ko'olau mountains, as the Waianae Mountain range looms in the distance. Vog, a type of ashy cloud comprised of debris from the fiery volcanos on the Big Island, is carried across the ocean when the southerly Kona winds blow. Here, this mystical haze drapes the land once seen as a solid mass of hills, highlighting every intricate edge, and bringing an entire field of diversity to light.

40" x 60" on high-gloss metal with flush metal frame. (1 available) $1500


Fresh mountain water sweeps over moss cloaked stones on the Eastern side of the Ko'olau mountains.  The Hawaiian word for water is "wai" and the word "waiwai" means wealth, a powerful testimony to the great value ancient Hawaiians placed on water as a source of abundance and life.

20" x 40" Acrylic Face Mount with floating frame. (1 available) $500


"Ko'olau Reflections"

In the early morning sun, the majestic peaks of the Ko'olau mountains rise over the tranquil waters of a neighboring fish pond. From afar, one can see where the ridgeline dips between the towering peaks of Lanihuli and Kahuauli, creating a narrow and treacherous climb. Lanihuli, or the swirling heavens, is mentioned in many ancient Hawaiian songs, and fluffy clouds attest to the name, pausing to kiss the peak as they float by.

40" x 60" on high-gloss metal with flush metal frame. (1 available) $1500


The native Hawaiian Manono tree rises above the golden ridge lines of the Ko'olau Mountains. Manono was also the name of a female Hawaiian chiefess, who died fighting to preserve the native religion. Today, her strong spirit is exemplified by the commanding presence of the Manono tree. While relatively small in comparison to the expansive mountain range surrounding her, it is her roots that give strength to the ridges, protecting from erosion and holding them together.

30" x 40" Acrylic Face Mount with cherry wood frame and linen liner. $3000