The dirtbag's guide to TV stardom

Kitt Turner & Jenna Balsai are amazing.

We already knew that, but Weather Channel just made it official. Since my last #vanlife post about them, they have gone on to become TV stars.

Ok, ok, maybe they're not hosting their own show. Yet. But the Weather Channel will be featuring a segment devoted to the climbing couple and their canyoneering adventures on the premiere of their "That's Amazing" TV show this Sunday, Dec 4th, 9pm ET. We happened to be in Canada while they were filming, so we got to join in the adventure:

Location: Box Canyon, Squamish
Crew: Kitt Turner, Jenna Balsai, Gaby Guyman, JJ Damen, Brent Frazier, Andrew Agcaoili, and Liz Barney (aka me).

So how did two climbers from Hawaii living out of their van get their own segment on TV?

Being awesome, obviously. And taking selfies.

Kitt is the king of selfies in Oahu. If you don't believe me, you'll have to watch the episode to see for yourself. 

But because I did promise in the title that this would be a guide to stardom, I give you:

The dirtbag's steps to stardom:

Note: For the concerned or offended, as defined by Patagonia, "dirtbag" is an affectionate term used to describe devoted adventurers. Or in their exact words, the kind of person who might organize a game of hacky sack in the middle of an El Capitan ascent. 

Step One: Do awesome stuff
Like put up a lot of first canyon descents on your island. Or is it down? Put down?

Step two: Take the plunge
Move into a van on the mainland with your adventure-level-approved girlfriend and spend a year climbing, driving, and taking the inevitable breaks to fix your van.

Step three: Get discovered
Storytelling production crew discovers an article about you canyoneering in Hawaii.

Step three (b): Producers also find a #vanlife blog post and read about your adventure quest. *Cough cough* That's right, folks, if you let me write a story about you....... you might not get famous. But somebody might read it and make you famous. You just never know...

This guy carried that microphone over about 65 slippery-stone river crossings.

This guy carried that microphone over about 65 slippery-stone river crossings.

Step Four: Get filmed
Producers send a production crew out to follow you while you explore a canyon in Canada. Bonus points if several of your Hawaii friends happen to all be in Canada at the same time and can join for the adventure.

The Hawaii canyoneering crew in Canada

The Hawaii canyoneering crew in Canada

Step Five: Get famous?
While it has yet to be determined how far Kitt & Jenna's TV stardom will propel them, I'm happy to report my peppy bright red rain jacket has already been receiving casting calls since its epic three-second appearance in the feature.

All jokes aside, Kitt and Jenna were extremely well spoken in the episode, and the production crew (which Andrew got to join in on!!!) did a great job with the video. A few photos from the day:

Canada was amazing, and I can't wait to go back and explore more of the canyons. Have a suggestion for a good canyon? Tips for the ultimate dirtbag stardom? Hoping to cast Kitt & Jenna in your next adventure TV show? Or perhaps you're really just looking to contact my red jacket's casting agent? Leave a comment below.

Disclaimer: Guide not intended to guarantee actual TV representation. Results may vary. Please consult your local selfie coach before beginning a new TV stardom quest.